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STD clinic in Arlington offers HSV2 medication.

Walk-In Clinics – For Easy and Discreet STD Testing In Minutes

Individuals who are sexually active and engage in physical relations with several partners will often be recommended to utilize adequate protection and undergo STD testing every once in a while. This advice is significant because a person affected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD) may exhibit no or minimal symptoms, making him/her unaware that they are affected and may have unknowingly passed on the infection to their partners as well. Going...

Do Not Neglect To Get Tested For HIV/STD – Your Wellness Is At Stake

As the corona virus pandemic spreads across the globe gobbling up health resources, some neglected diseases are making a comeback. It is not just that Covid-19 has diverted medical professionals’ focus from diseases like malaria, TB, and H.I.V. The lockdowns across Africa and Asia have raised insurmountable barriers for patients who must travel far to obtain treatment and drugs. The fear of Covid-19 and closing down of clinics has deterred many patients...

Arlington trichomoniasis test at home

Do Not Ignore Even During This Pandemic – Timely Diagnosis & Treatment Of STD Is Essential

Perhaps for the first time after several years, the rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, and other sexually transmitted infections are seeing a sharp drop. The numbers were slated to hit a record high in 2020, so this abrupt downturn may surprise many. Is this really welcome news? Has the Covid-19 pandemic kept people away from nightclubs, bars, and get-togethers and reduced the opportunities for unsafe sex? But the drop in numbers could be portent of...

same day STD testing near Arlington VA

Same day STD Testing near Arlington VA Guarantees Faster Recovery

The need for immediate diagnosis is one of the most vital highlights of STD treatment. An early diagnosis of a sexually transmittable infection is a must for faster recovery without any complications. Importance of lab testing in STIs If there is a history of unprotected sex with a stranger or sex with multiple partners, a same day STD testing near Arlington VA would pave the way for faster diagnosis and treatment. If...