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Do Not Neglect To Get Tested For HIV/STD – Your Wellness Is At Stake

Do Not Neglect To Get Tested For HIV/STD – Your Wellness Is At Stake

As the corona virus pandemic spreads across the globe gobbling up health resources, some neglected diseases are making a comeback.

It is not just that Covid-19 has diverted medical professionals’ focus from diseases like malaria, TB, and H.I.V. The lockdowns across Africa and Asia have raised insurmountable barriers for patients who must travel far to obtain treatment and drugs.

The fear of Covid-19 and closing down of clinics has deterred many patients from getting screened and treated. Restrictions on air travel have severely affected delivery of medications to regions that are hard hit by HIV.

Such problems to get screened and treated are not yet acute in the United States.

Yet cases of STD and HIV are high enough to warrant serious concern.

Screening must be ramped up to come to grips with this situation.

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to get tested.

“You cannot know if you have HIV just by the way you feel”, says a doctor at one of the STD/AIDS testing clinics Arlington. “Keep in mind that most people who get HIV do not have any symptoms for years”.

Getting tested makes sense if:

• You have had unprotected sex.
• Your partner has tested positive for HIV.
• You have shared needles with anybody for tattoos or shooting drugs.
• You are pregnant – this should be a must at your first prenatal test.

Fortunately getting tested is straightforward and painless.

A rapid test delivers results within 20 minutes. Other tests take time because they have to be sent to a laboratory. It is painless because a soft swab is rubbed gently inside your cheek.

Once you are over with it, your doubts are clear.

If the result is negative, your mind is at ease and if you test positive you can take medicines to stay as healthy as possible and minimize your chances of spreading HIV to others.

To know more about HIV symptom, in Arlington VA there are several clinics you can visit including a physician’s office, the health department, or a local Planned Parenthood center.

You can opt for either an “anonymous test” or a “confidential test”.

Anonymous testing

Your name will not be on the test. You will get an identification (ID) number that will help you find your results.

Your results will not get displayed in your medical records, nor will they be sent to a health department.

Confidential testing

Your name will be displayed on the test and the results will go to the medical records. Your doctor and your insurance company will also have access to your results.

The local health department will also get your results so that they can evaluate the number of cases in your area.

Are there any free STD/AIDS testing clinics in Arlington?

Yes there are.

You may visit a Planned Parenthood Health Center for low and no-cost tests.

You can also visit an urgent care center near you where you can get the benefit of same day testing and treatment.

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