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Get A Free Chlamydia Test In Arlington To Keep A Check On Your Sexual Health

Get A Free Chlamydia Test In Arlington To Keep A Check On Your Sexual Health

A sexy night with a stranger is just so thrilling. The not so thrilling aspect could be a sexually transmitted infection that you may catch from that person. In most cases, the surge of passion is such that the sexual partners do not ask for detailed sexual healthy history from each other.

A brief history of STIs/STDs

What are these? Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are those infections that are transferred from one person to another via sexual contact.

These infections are caused due to bacteria, virus or even parasites. They usually spread through anal, vaginal, or oral sexual activities. However, some of them spread via intimate physical contact too.

While they affect both the genders equally, it has been seen that the health effects are more detrimental to women.

The importance of testing

In case you are sexually active and have multiple partners, getting yourself tested is imperative. Most STIs or STDs show negligible or no symptoms and you may not know if you are a carrier. With each sexual encounter, you will inadvertently infect the partner and the chain of infection will continue. Similarly, you could easily get an infection if your partner doesn’t get tested regularly and is a carrier.

Most of these infections can affect your health adversely if left unchecked. They start showing symptoms in the later stages and in some cases it is too late to reverse the effects. Some diseases are fatal, while cures for some of them still haven’t been found or developed.

Some symptoms of these infections are unusual discharge from the penis or vagina, sores or warts in the genital region, itching or redness in the genital area, anal bleeding or soreness, and more.

Many hospitals and clinics offer a full panel of STD tests to people. In certain cases you don’t even have to pay for these, such as getting a free chlamydia test in Arlington is easy if you know which clinic is offering them.

For a gc chlamydia test in va, you should check out This clinic, and many others, offers these tests to people wanting to check their sexual health. It has been seen that a few people are embarrassed to visit the facility and get the test done. For them, most such facilities offer anonymous testing and discreet billing, which allows them to keep the testing and results to themselves only. That way they can avoid any social embarrassment.

The tide of these infections is quite high. Considering the enormity of the negative health issues, these diseases carry, it would be a very good idea to get yourself regularly.

In case you do test positive, you can see a doctor immediately at an urgent care clinic. You will be asked to follow a course of antibiotics if your infection is a parasitical or bacterial one. For a viral one, there is no cure but the prescribed medicines will help keep the symptoms at bay for a long time.

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