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Do Not Delay in Getting Tested For STDs – The Postponement Can Prove Disastrous

Do Not Delay in Getting Tested For STDs – The Postponement Can Prove Disastrous

Unusual as it may seem, rates of sexually transmitted infections has taken an abrupt downturn during this corona virus breakout.

This should appear good news.

The Covid-19 breakout must have kept people away from bars, nightclubs, and gatherings, thus minimizing the opportunities for risky sexual behavior.

But experts in sexual health have a different take.

They say the pandemic has seriously disrupted testing and treatment.

“This could be a harbinger of bad news”, says a physician of a Pentagon urgent care STD clinic. “This situation can seriously lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and even blindness in newborns”.

The decline in numbers is probably signaling that a large number of cases are going undetected.

Across the country, sexual health screening clinics have either shut down or work at reduced hours.

Moreover, it is quite likely that patients who might otherwise be seeking care for STDs are avoiding visiting clinics for fear of contracting Covid-19.

Health professionals are of the view that the most effective way to control STD spread is timely diagnosis and treatment.

There is something you must know about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

They are treatable without causing any risk to the newborn.

But when women do get pregnant, STDs are something they never bother about, especially in context of a monogamous and committed relationship.

Sexually transmitted diseases do happen, and, if left untreated, can cause grave complications.

“Get tested at the start of your pregnancy”, says a Pentagon STD test doctor. “Those under the age 25 and at a higher risk for STD must get tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV”.

No doubt, it is very sensitive issue, but your doctor must know:

• If you indulged in sex with multiple partners
• If your partner has multiple partners
• Condom usage behavior
• If you indulge in recreational intravenous drugs

Usually a pregnant woman is not tested because the doctor believes she is at low risk.

Most STDs do not have any symptoms, yet you must start worrying when:

• There is change in color, quantity, and regularity of your vaginal discharge
• Warts or lacerations appear on your partner’s penis
• Burning or itching in the genital region
• Pain or uneasiness during urination

Many of the above symptoms can indicate a different disease, and not necessarily mean an STD.

It can be yeast or urinary tract infection.

Still you must visit a healthcare provider to get treated.

Do not hesitate to get tested if you think you might have been exposed to sexually transmitted infection or if you are unaware of your STD status.

The best way to safeguard from STDs is to totally abstain from sex. Otherwise, you must resort to consistent and proper use of contraceptives.

If you are sexually active, you must take responsibility of your sexual well-being.

You may feel accessibility to a clinic may be an issue or you could be hesitant to visit healthcare for fear getting infected by Covid-19.

Do not let these issues deter you. At Pentagon urgent care STD you can just walk in and get tested in no time. The clinic has put in place all Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure your safety.

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