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As STDs Continue To Haunt the Globe – Testing & Treatment Remains the Only Hope

As STDs Continue To Haunt the Globe – Testing & Treatment Remains the Only Hope

There has never been a time in history when epidemics did not grip humanity.

Infectious diseases have tormented civilizations. A few devastating ones include bubonic plague, cholera, influenza, and small pox. They were brutal killers, wiping out populations.

History is replete with accounts of pandemics that clearly validate that wars, poverty, poor & unhygienic living conditions, and social inequality are drivers of transmissions.

As per records available, it was during Middle Ages that syphilis first appeared.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the disease spread across Europe chiefly due to increased migrations. It was also the period of Renaissance when Europe witnessed rebirth of cultural and artistic institutions.

Some historians say syphilis was introduced into Europe following Columbus’s voyage in the late 1490s. The symptoms were painful and mortality might have been high – we do not know that clearly.

Remedies, if at all, were hardly available and whatever was tried was never efficacious.

In the early part of the 20th century, a good number of soldiers in the US Army during World War 1 got afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases and it was the second most common reason for disability.

The status of STD today

Sexually transmitted diseases are continuing to be a major health issue across the world. These diseases including HIV infection are considered among the most challenging ones in modern medicine.

The unfortunate part is STDs exhibit a high rate of prevalence, a disturbing rate of antimicrobial resistance, and high incidences of serious consequences.

According to a physician at an Arlington free STD testing and treatment clinic, “Failure or delay in treating STDs can result in deleterious effects during pregnancy on the newborn”. He further goes on say, “People must understand that STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia are curable while HIV and HPV are not”.

Control of STDs might have taken a backseat during this Covid-19 pandemic. But things must and should pick up for the good of the community.

STD control programs must continue to focus on:

• Minimizing vulnerability of exposed individuals
• Reducing rates of acquisition of new partners
• Reducing the time period of infectivity of exposed individuals

For any individual who has indulged in risky behavior, getting tested is a must. It is true you may be facing challenges if you are among those desirous of getting tested.

Medical facilities in Covid-19 hotspots were encouraged to divert resources to Covid treatment resulting in reduced care for STDs. Yet, it is possible to get tested conveniently and in full confidentiality.

Whether you are female or male, STD treatment in Arlington is easier than you think. You have walk-in facilities where no appointment is needed. You may even get same day treatment if the result returns positive.

Remember, despite what people say, sexually transmitted infections do not exhibit themselves by painful and visible symptoms. Most of them are completely asymptomatic.

Get tested at the earliest to rule out STDs and subsequent complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, or cervical cancer.

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