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How to Undergo Trichomoniasis Self Test at Home

How to Undergo Trichomoniasis Self Test at Home

If you wish to undergo a test for trichomoniasis, but feel too shy to step inside a clinic, worry not. You can order a self-test kit at home. Trich testing is simple and quick, unlike what people usually think. There is no pain or discomfort.

Instead of procrastinating a test simply due to shyness, it is better to act smartly and order a test kit online. If you are having symptoms, you must not delay anymore. Untreated STDs like trich and others are known to produce terrible health complications.

In Arlington trichomoniasis self test kit is available for all patients, whether insured or uninsured.The test kit will reach your doorstep in a discreet manner. Order your kit today and ensure your sexual health.

Before you take a test, remember the following points:

• Do not have sex just before taking a test. If you are having symptoms or believe you are exposed, you must stop having sex until you are treated.
• Avoid using any vaginal wash or powders at your genital area.
• Take the test when you are not having your periods. In case you see some abnormal bleeding, forget test. Consult a doctor immediately.
• Avoid douching 24 hours before the test. Douching would wash away your natural vaginal fluids, which are required for the test. In fact, doctors advise women to not douche at all.

How to do the test at home?

A typical trich self test kit contains all the necessary equipment and instructions that help you carry out the test comfortably.

Most kits require you to give a urine sample. Some require you to give a swab sample. Please read and follow instructions carefully.

You must send back the samples immediately so that you get accurate test results. Most kits contain a prepaid shipping label. You simply need to drop it at your nearest mailbox. It’s as easy as that.

You will receive the results within a short time online.

What if you test positive?

If your test results are positive, you must walk in your nearest STD clinic and get a treatment fast. In the STD clinic of Arlington, get tested for trichomoniasis and get the treatment on the same day.

Please do not delay once you know you are positive. People who self test at home might hesitate coming to the clinic for a treatment. This would do you no good.

You can also undergo a test in the clinic. The benefit is that, if you are positive, the doctor will urge you to take a treatment immediately.

Please do not worry about your identity in medical records. The clinic keeps patients’ identity confidential upon request.

Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted disease that won’t go away by itself. You must take a treatment.

In Arlington, trichomoniasis self test and in-clinic test both are available. Choose one that suits you. In-clinic test requires no appointment. You can walk in the clinic and ask for a test and consult a doctor.

Please remember, take the test around three weeks after your last sexual activity, lest it may skew the results.

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