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Beware, The Syphilis Epidemic is Here!

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Beware, The Syphilis Epidemic is Here!

The first recorded outbreak of syphilis happened in 1495 in Europe. It is believed to be spread by military troops who returned from war. Back then, there was hardly a cure for this STD. Patients died horrible deaths, often becoming deformed, brain dead, or blind, or had severe dementia before they died.

Then and now

Unfortunately, syphilis is still present. The United States of America witnessed a surge of cases just before the Coronavirus pandemic. The numbers of people reported to be infected were so high it broke 20-year-old record. The cases continued to increase during the pandemic and thereafter.

One of the most alarming things is the rise of syphilis cases in newborns. They have rose to around 40 per cent in the recent years!

Reason for sharp rise in syphilis cases, as per doctors

According to doctors, people have a tendency to ignore signs and symptoms of syphilis in VA and other places (where cases are high). Also, a sharp increase in substance abuse and risky sexual behaviors contribute to the alarming increase in syphilis cases.

People under the influence of drugs and other such substances shed all their inhibitions. They think not twice before indulging in risky behaviors such as having sex with strangers, driving recklessly, and so on.

The silver lining

The only thing that gives respite in the wake of alarming rise in syphilis cases is that this STD is curable. In the early centuries, there was no effective cure. Today, doctors can cure syphilis through penicillin.

If caught in the earliest stage, it is possible to cure this disease in a single shot of penicillin.

That’s the reason doctors advise people to stay alert for any sign or symptom of syphilis. If you get a symptom, consult a doctor immediately.

Being responsible for your own health

Syphilis infection may not produce symptoms in some people. In this case, you must be responsible enough to consult a doctor in Arlington for syphilis and HIV test. You know you have had unprotected sex. This gives you a good enough reason to undergo a test.

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to cure this infection when caught in the earliest stage. Just one dose of antibiotic can do the job.

According to doctors, most of the time, it is due to sheer negligence or procrastination by people that turns this curable disease into a life-threatening one. If you leave syphilis untreated, it can kill you.

Stages of syphilis

• Primary stage: It spans 10 days to 3 months after contracting the infection.
• Secondary stage: It spans 2 to 8 weeks after getting infected.
• Latent stage: It spans for about a year or more after you get the infection.
• Tertiary stage: It spans 3 to 30 years after infection! This is when the pathogen spreads to your other organs, especially your heart, nerves, brain, bones, and eyes.

Visit your nearest STD clinic to know more about signs and symptoms of syphilis in VA. Be responsible, be proactive. Viruses and bacteria causing STDs are lurking everywhere. Be careful.

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