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STD Testing Needs to be Confidential but You Must Also Regulate Your Sex Life

STD Testing Needs to be Confidential but You Must Also Regulate Your Sex Life

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) infection is essentially the consequence of behavioral issues in individuals especially when it is proven beyond any doubt that the infection spreads through infected individuals. It is true that many STDs are asymptomatic in over 60% of the infected individuals, as a result of which the infected persons don’t know about it. They continue to remain sexually active and spread the disease in their partners and in this way it spreads in compounded proportions be it in Arlington, Pentagon City or elsewhere.

In 2018, over 26 million new cases of STD infections were reported in the United States, half of which were in the age group 15-24. Walk into an urgent care center for private STD testing in Pentagon City if you suspect an infection.

Confidentiality of STD testing

If you experience the symptoms of any of the STDs, or suspect that you are infected, go for full STD screening in Arlington without any delay. It is extremely important for you to ascertain whether you have been infected or not. Rest assured that your test result will remain safe and confidential. Based on the test results, you may be required to make changes to your sex life.

You also need to introspect on a few points, e.g. why is the confidentiality of your STD test result so important for you? Apparently because there is something wrong with getting infected by STD especially if you are known to have sex with multiple partners. Your desire for keeping the test result confidential means that you also accept it.

STD infection is a stigma

It is true that most people believe getting infected by STD is a stigma especially if the person infected is known to have regular sex with multiple partners. There is a clear difference between social perceptions and ground realities which explains why STD infection is seen as a low and dishonorable stigma.

Having sex with multiple partners is not a crime but is not considered the ideal way to go about your sex life. Therefore, if you are in the habit of having sex with multiple partners, and then you get STD, it is like getting caught with your pants down. Else there would be no need for a confidential and private STD testing in Pentagon City.

Need to regulate sexual activity better

While it is true that reckless sexual activity such as having sex with multiple partners is the main cause of STD infections, the collateral damage of such activity is infection in people who deserved better. Think of the damage you are doing to others who lead well-regulated sex lives or even the poor infants born with STD.

If all the STD infected people begin to have regulated sex lives the number of infections will drop significantly but with current attitudes, this is just wishful thinking. Yet, there are people who are willing to reform and they ought to go for full STD screening in Arlington or anywhere else if they suspect infection.

Life is precious for those who value it and appreciate all its other aspects. Sex is just a part of it and it clearly has a threshold beyond which you cannot and must not indulge in it. Else there is a price to pay and in certain cases, like HIV, it can even be fatal. All the while, there is collateral damage that others sustain for those who live sex lives on the edge.

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