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STD Testing Needs to be Confidential but You Must Also Regulate Your Sex Life

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) infection is essentially the consequence of behavioral issues in individuals especially when it is proven beyond any doubt that the infection spreads through infected individuals. It is true that many STDs are asymptomatic in over 60% of the infected individuals, as a result of which the infected persons don’t know about it. They continue to remain sexually active and spread the disease in their partners and...

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5 Top Reasons People Do Not Undergo STD Testing

STDs are prevalent across the world. Yet, innumerable people refrain from getting themselves tested. They think, “this won’t happen to me.” Or they may wait for symptoms. They believe they are fine when they see no symptoms. Governments and organizations worldwide are busy creating awareness campaigns that educate people about the realities of STDs. One of them is: STDs can be asymptomatic. Another one is: STD testing is not costly. Most people avoid testing...