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Coronavirus Vaccine and STD Testing: Why Both are Important

Coronavirus Vaccine and STD Testing: Why Both are Important

The world is witnessing the largest vaccine campaign in the history of mankind – Coronavirus vaccine. As per a news report, by Jan 5, 2021, Americans received around 21 million doses of the much-awaited vaccine.

It’s a long way to go, say doctors.

At the same time, doctors at the STD clinic wish that, some day, there would be a vaccine against some of the deadliest sexually transmitted diseases. Certain STDs like HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, and Chlamydia are as deadly as the Covid-19, when left untreated.

Although cheap STD testing near Pentagon City is available, a strong awareness campaign is still needed. “People still think it (STDs) won’t happen to them. It’s somebody else’s disease,” remarks a doctor at the Pentagon STD clinic.

In the beginning, similar attitude was seen when novel Coronavirus struck humankind. Then, people realized the real situation and became aware of the seriousness of the disease.

STDs are not new diseases. They have been around for centuries. However, a spurt in cases have happened only in the last several decades.

It’s ironical that when societies became more open towards sex, STDs increased. According to one of the doctors who handles STD testing, “it should be the other way. When you become more open towards sex, you should also know about the protective measures. STDs should have decreased.”

Somewhere, something went wrong.

Maybe people do talk about sex; but they don’t want to talk about diseases that happen due to sex.

“Proper sex education that includes STDs, STD testing, and overall sexual health is the need of the hour,” suggests a doctor conducting cheap STD testing near Pentagon City.

The doctor adds, “wearing a condom while having sex is as important as wearing a mask when you are outdoors.” STDs are as rampant as the novel Coronavirus, only that the latter is a newly arrived virus, while the former has been for ages.

Then how come a newly arrived virus got such attention and viruses that existed and infected people since ages are still not considered serious?

“They are serious; only, people don’t want to talk about them. But not talking will not save you from the disease. Proper consultation with the doctor and timely STD testing will save you,” answers one of the doctors at a reputable STD clinic.

It’s good to see people lining up for the Coronavirus vaccine. There’s one more thing you must do.

Visit your nearest STD clinic and undergo STD testing too.

If you are unsure what test to undergo, consult a doctor. Discuss about your sexual activities, your medical history, and symptoms, if any. Accordingly, the doctor will suggest you a test or tests.

You can also avail yourselves at home STD test kit for Chlamydia in VA.

A typical STD clinic provides several packages of tests that are quite affordable and hassle-free. You need no prior appointment to undergo a test or see a doctor. Simply walk in and ask for a test.

It takes just 10 minutes of your precious time to check your sexual health. These 10 minutes can save your life.

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