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How do Men Get Tested for STDs? Things to Know Before Visiting Clinic

male STD test in Arlington

How do Men Get Tested for STDs? Things to Know Before Visiting Clinic

One major mistake that men make is to think they are fine and continue to indulge in risky sexual behaviors. They wait for symptoms. They get none. They believe they are sexually healthy, when they may not be. The hard truth is that most STDs are asymptomatic. This means the bacterium or the virus will deceive you into thinking you are fine, when they have actually entered your body and infected you.

So if you indulge in unprotected sex or risky sex acts, you must undergo a test, symptoms or no symptoms. But how do men get tested for STDs in Arlington?

Test for men

The basic test that any doctor would recommend for STD is a physical examination. When you step inside a STD clinic the doctor would want to know about your sexual life. So, be prepared to be candid about this. You mustn’t hide in case you had anal sex with your partner or indulged in vaginal sex with multiple partners. You must tell the truth so that the doctor can decide what STDs you must get tested for.

After knowing how you had sex, when, and with how many partners, or whether you had sex with only men, both men and women, or only with women, the doctor may ask you whether you have symptoms. The symptoms could be on your genital area or around the anus or the mouth, depending on your sexual practices.

Thereafter, the doctor would examine your genital area, rectum, or oral cavity. This is to detect any symptoms like sores or blisters or rashes. The doctor would also educate you on sexual practices during your examination. You can ask questions related to sexual health during the consultation.

This isn’t the time to be hesitant. This is a great opportunity to educate yourselves about STDs, safe sex, and better overall health.


Sexually transmitted infections do not limit themselves to your genital areas. The pathogens, over time,can travel to your other vital organs and bloodstream, even the brain, and cause life-threatening situations. Your ignorance towards sexual health can wreak havoc with your overall health.

Genital swabs

During a male STD test in Arlington, if the doctor doubts abnormalities on the genital area, he may recommend further testing. Certain STDs causes discharge from the penis. Some other STDs causes lesions or sores to develop on the genital area, anus, or mouth.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, the doctor would want to take a tissue or fluid sample from the sores or lesions or discharge. He will send the sample for lab test. The pathologist would look for bacteria or viruses causing the infection.

In some cases, the doctor may insert a cotton swab into the urethra to collect microbes, in case they are present there.

Urine and blood tests

Certain STDs such as HIV, Syphilis, and hepatitis require blood and/or urine tests.

Due to the anatomical structure, it is easier to notice symptoms in men than that in women. Still, you mustn’t wait for symptoms. If you know you have been exposed, walk in STD clinic and get yourselves tested.

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