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How to Undergo STD Checkup When You Feel Too Shy To Consult Doctor

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How to Undergo STD Checkup When You Feel Too Shy To Consult Doctor

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases is not easy. Even today, societies do not accept open talk about sex and diseases related to it. So, when you know you are exposed to an infection, how do you talk about it?

STD clinic

The best bet is to walk into the STD clinic near you and talk to a doctor. Do not hesitate in speaking about your fears and sexual behavior. Doctors at such clinics are qualified, compassionate, and non-judgmental. They would suggest the right STD test based on your past and recent sexual activities.

It’s important to be honest so that the doctor can give you correct advice.

Easiest way to test

STD check-up in Arlington, VA, clinic is a breeze. First, they let you stay anonymous during testing and billing. Second, they don’t keep you waiting. It hardly takes 10 minutes to give a blood or urine sample. Third, they offer testing and treatment on the same day.

Staying silent is not the solution

You know you are exposed, yet you do nothing about it. You neither consult a doctor, nor discuss with your partner. This won’t treat the infection. Ignoring symptoms is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

Also, due to your silence, your relationship with your partner may get affected. You abstain from sex and he or she would be perplexed by your behavior.

The best thing to do

The best thing to do is to visit your nearest STD clinic and ensure your sexual health. In addition, you must talk to your partner. They, too, must undergo a test to make sure they are healthy.

If your partner has an infection, you can get re-infected in spite of complete treatment and cure.

At home test

In Arlington, option of at home STD check is available. If you feel uncomfortable walking into the clinic for a test, you can choose to test at home.

You can order an at-home test kit online. Please follow the instructions carefully. Send back the sample on time. In case of any doubt, call the clinic and clarify it.

Significance of testing

Millions of people are infected with STDs. It is a pandemic that nobody talks about. Please do not think it cannot happen to you. STDs can happen to anybody who is sexually active.

A couple of effective ways to keep yourself safe is by regular testing and indulging in protected sex.

These are responsible behaviors. They not only keep you healthy, but also ensure the health of your partner and your future offspring. Infected mothers can easily transmit the infection to their developing fetus or to their newborn during vaginal delivery.

So, in a way, undergoing STD testing is one small step towards family health.

STD check-up in Arlington, VA, is available all days of the week and on extended hours. The clinic offers various STD packages. You do not need a doctor’s prescription or prior appointment for a test. Insurance is not mandatory. Step inside the clinic for discreet and dignified STD testing. Be a responsible partner and a parent.

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