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Get Tested for STDs Today: What to do When Tested Positive?

Get Tested for STDs Today: What to do When Tested Positive?

Are you afraid to undergo STD test? For those who are procrastinating a test simply because they are fearful or doubtful of what to expect at the clinic must rest assure themselves. STD testing does not hurt and is done quickly, especially in a walk in clinic. It takes just 10 minutes. You also need no prior appointment. Just walk in and ask for a test.

If you are unsure how to get tested for STDs and what tests you must undergo, the doctor at the clinic will help you decide based on your symptoms and sexual history.

Time to talk about sex

Oh yes, you might need to reveal with whom you had sex and how! Worry not. The doctors at STD clinic are non-judgmental. They ask you this only to figure out what kind of STDs you might be more likely to get.

Men who have sex with men, people who have more anal sex, and even people fond of oral sex (they may not have had an actual sexual intercourse) can be more prone to getting particular infections. So, if the doctor knows what and how you did it, he or she is more likely to figure out what tests you must undergo.

One of the best things about a walk in clinic is that they keep your identity under wraps on your request. So, do not hesitate to talk. It is, after all, a matter of your and your partner’s health.

What to expect in a STD clinic?

  • A urine test: you need to pee in a special cup.
  • Blood test: the doctor or nurse takes blood from your forearm or finger.
  • Swab: It could be a cheek swab or a genial swab. In the former, the doctor will ask you to gently rub the interior of your cheek with a cotton swab. This is for HIV. In the latter, the doctor may ask you to gently rub inside the vagina to take discharge sample or rub on the tip of penis to take cell samples. They may also take swab samples from cervix, anus, or urethra. In case you have sores, doctor may take fluid sample from sores or blisters using a swab.
  • Physical examination: The doctor may check your genital area for discharge, sores, warts, irritation, rashes, or any other abnormality.

Test results

You can avail yourselves same day STD testing and treatment near Arlington in case of certain STDs. However, a few others take some days or even weeks to appear in the sample. The doctor may rear a culture to confirm the disease.

Today there are rapid tests available for HIV. They give results within 20 minutes.

What if you are tested positive?

Finding out you are infected with a sexually transmitted disease can be quite disheartening. However, this is not the end of the world. Most STDs are curable. Those that are not can be managed well through appropriate treatment.

Moreover, you are not alone. Millions of people are infected by STDs. They are undergoing treatment and living a better life. Most of the STDs require a course of antibiotics. You simply must complete the course. Once you are cured, you move on with life as usual. So, be smart. Get tested for STDs today.

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