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Why Men Must Walk in for STI Test Near Crystal City

Why Men Must Walk in for STI Test Near Crystal City

Men don’t go to the doctor. Strange, but true. According to a survey, men are less likely to visit a doctor than women. They won’t undergo regular physical examinations and are more likely to brush off symptoms wishing them to go away.

Is this a sign of bravery or ignorance?

None, says a doctor. This is a sign of carelessness. It can also prove to be dangerous because you don’t know what’s brewing inside your body. You haven’t had a health-checkup for years.

Add to this, if you are sexually active and don’t prefer using condoms, you are not only putting yourselves, but also your partner, to risk.

Men who have sex with men are more prone to contracting sexually transmitted infections, according to doctors.

Moreover, with STI test available easily near Crystal City, you hardly have an excuse to not undergo a test. The STD clinic conducts discreet testing. It is affordable too.

For decades, people have been shying to talk about STDs. Even if they wanted to undergo a test, they did not due to the lack of proper STD clinics. They don’t want to visit regular hospitals or talk to their family doctors about this.

Now, with the advent of clinics designed exclusively for sexual health, you have a choice.

For the sake of the woman you love

Are you sure you are sexually healthy? If you have not undergone a test, you cannot say for sure. According to medical experts, test is the only way to confirm whether you are infected or not.

So, gentlemen, if you truly love your women, you must undergo a test.

You are putting your beloved at great risk of contracting an infection. According to studies, women are more likely to experience severe health complications due to STDs than men. One of the examples is HPV. A man can transmit this infection to his sexual partner. However, it is seen that the female suffers from major complications, even can become infertile. Males don’t.

So, if not for your own health, but for the sake of the woman you love, you must walk in STI clinic near Arlington and undergo tests.

This is the month of love. What better way to show your love than to assure yourselves and your partner that you are sexually healthy?

What if you are infected?

In case you test positive, you can immediately take appropriate measures to prevent infecting your partner.

Most STDs are curable, assure doctors. They require a strict course of medication. During the treatment, refrain from having sex. Once you complete the treatment, your doctor may ask you to undergo a test again to confirm you are cured completely.

After complete cure, you can resume your normal life.

STDs like AIDS are incurable, but thanks to advanced medical technology, you can manage them through special treatments and live a better life, including enjoying protected sex with your partner. The next best gift post Valentine’s: walk in for STI test near Crystal City. Protect the ones you love.

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