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HSV2 Medication and the Best Ways to Prevent Spread of Herpes

STD clinic in Arlington offers HSV2 medication.

HSV2 Medication and the Best Ways to Prevent Spread of Herpes

Herpes is incurable as of now. However, doctors provide antiviral medications to reduce or prevent outbreaks that result due to herpes. Also, daily suppressive therapy can help to alleviate the risk of spreading the disease.

STD clinic in Arlington offers HSV2 medication. You can walk in the clinic without an appointment and ask for a test.


A commercially viable vaccine to prevent the occurrence of HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) is still not present.

Herpes viruses are more than 100 types. This throws a challenge to the medical world to create a single vaccine to target the virus.

The commonest viruses are HSV 1 and HSV 2. Herpes is also called genital herpes. It is rarely transmitted orally, but is possible.

Antiviral therapy

Until a vaccine arrives for herpes, doctors “treat” patients with antiviral medications. This does not cure herpes, but makes it manageable, as per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given the nod to use three medicines that act directly. The tiny molecules of their formulations thwart the important enzymatic step in the replication cycle of the herpes virus.

These medicines are to be taken orally. They are:

  1. Famciclovir
  2. Acyclovir
  3. Valacyclovir

In addition, patients suffering from severe infection or complications that arise of out herpes may need intravenous acyclovir, recommends CDC. They may have to be hospitalized.

It is found that people with mild symptoms of herpes can also develop severe complications, if they leave the disease untreated.

So, doctors advise to not delay anymore and walk in your nearest STD clinic immediately.

The best way to prevent spread of herpes

You cannot deny it when you have it.

Herpes is caused by a virus and viruses are known to spread quickly and mercilessly. The world knows this better than ever due to Coronavirus pandemic.

“We must learn a lesson from Coronavirus and not take other viruses lightly,” says one of the doctors at Arlington STD clinic.

Doctors recommend doing the following three things to stop the spread of infection:

  1. Refrain from having sex once it is confirmed that you are infected.
  2. Take antiviral therapy to reduce the viral load and to ease the symptoms, at the same time, to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.
  3. Wear condoms when having sex the next time.

Genital herpes vs. oral herpes

Genital herpes causes sores or blisters on your genital area. You may experience an outbreak. At this time, you can easily spread the infection to your sexual partner even through touch.

Oral herpes causes painful blisters or sores on the lips, around mouth, or on the gums. The sores are popularly known as cold sores.

You mustn’t let sores and blisters hamper your sexual life. Arlington urgent care STD testing cost is affordable. Moreover, they offer anonymous testing. So, what’s stopping you from undergoing a test, which can be a life savior?

Last but not the least, wear condoms while having sex. This is one of the best practices to reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases, as per doctors.

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