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All About Early Stage HIV Symptom, HIV Testing, and More

early stage hiv symptoms rash, hiv screening in arlington

All About Early Stage HIV Symptom, HIV Testing, and More

Would you like to live in a diseased state? Certainly no. And sexually transmitted diseases are not something you would want to have, right? Now, ask yourselves: “Am I free of STI (sexually transmitted infection)?”

Most of you will immediately nod your heads.

But, how do you know you are free of infections?

You would say, “I have no symptoms. I feel absolutely fine.”

According to doctors, having no symptoms is NOT a sign that you are free from STI. Most STDs are asymptomatic. And certain STDs produce such common symptoms that you would never realize the symptoms are of a sexually transmitted disease.

For example, one of the early-stage HIV symptoms is rash. Now, can you imagine a ‘humble’ skin rash could indicate that you are HIV-infected?

Most of the time, skin rash happens due to some allergy. You conveniently visit a dermatologist and get treatment. The rash goes away. Simple. It would hardly occur to your mind to undergo an HIV test!

So you see, STD symptoms can be deceptive.

That’s why doctors advise you to undergo an STD test. According to them, testing is the ONLY way to know whether you have an infection or you are healthy.

How to do this?

It’s simple. Walk-in your nearest STD clinic and ask for a test. The best thing here is you need no doctor’s prescription to undergo a test. Also, you need no appointment to see a doctor if you wish for a consultation.

And here comes the biggest benefit of visiting your nearby clinic – you can undergo a test and do the billing anonymously. What a relief! You are saved from the embarrassment that typically comes with STDs.

HIV screening in the Arlington clinic is available at a super affordable cost. The clinic also offers a comprehensive STD panel. So, if you are doubtful about any STD, you can consult a doctor at the clinic. He or she will recommend you tests or tests.

How is HIV testing done?

Usually, it requires just a blood sample to test for the presence of the virus. The following tests are common:

  • Rapid Antibody/Antigen test: It detects the presence of HIV antibodies in your blood. The doctor would take blood from your finger through a simple prick or may take oral fluid. Results arrive within 30 minutes.
  • Lab test (NAT) test: It detects the presence of an actual virus in the blood. This test can also tell the viral load. The test is done only when a person is at high-risk exposure, not in normal screening. Results take several days to arrive.

No test can detect the virus immediately after you are exposed. There is a certain window period. It is good to consult a doctor regarding this and undergo a test at the right time for accurate results.

HIV testing is easier than before, thanks to the advent of STD clinics. You simply need to walk into the clinic. You can request the staff to keep your identity private.

Do not wait until the early stage HIV symptoms like rash turn into something horrible like a full-blown AIDS.

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