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3 Major Reasons Why People Avoid Undergoing STD Testing

3 Major Reasons Why People Avoid Undergoing STD Testing

STDs can wreak havoc in your life. If you continue to ignore symptoms, the pathogen would stay in your body. The infection may spread in other parts of your body, rendering irreparable damage. Worse, you may infect your partner and/or your baby. So, the whole family gets infected.

Most STDs are curable. The glitch with treatment is that people usually visit a doctor when they become very sick. Doctors are of the view that you must visit them when you get the mildest of symptoms.

You know when you are exposed, right? So, you must take responsibility of your sexual health. Suppose you had unprotected sex a few days ago and are now experiencing itching in your genital area. Why wait? Walk into your nearest STD clinic and consult a doctor.

The STD clinic is equipped to conduct tests for most STDs, which include the commonest ones like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, trich, HIV, HPV, hepatitis, and herpes. STD Trichomoniasis test is available in Pentagon City all days of the week and at affordable prices. In fact, you can undergo any test here without hurting your pocket.

If you are unsure which test to undergo, you can consult a doctor. No appointment is needed to see a doctor at the Pentagon City STD clinic. Depending on your sexual history and current sexual behavior, plus symptoms, if any, the doctor may recommend a single test or multiple tests. Please be honest with your doctor.

One of the best things about STD clinic is that you can request the staff to keep your identity confidential. This takes care of the embarrassment. Now you can talk to the doctor without hesitation and clear your doubts.

3 Major reasons for people not testing for STDs

• Social stigma
• Fear
• Ignorance

Social stigma

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases is a taboo. People who suffer from such infections are looked down upon. They are even labeled as “dirty.” That’s why people prefer to stay silent.


Many people are scared to talk to the doctor. What if they are infected? Well, this kind of fear is useless because, if you are infected, you must undergo treatment. The infection won’t go away on its own. You are putting your life in danger through this unnecessary fear. Besides, with Pentagon STD testing for women and men available at an exclusive clinic in a discreet manner, you have nothing to fear.


Some people are ignorant of STDs. Some others may have heard of them, but are not sure how they can be contracted. Many others may not be aware of the dangers involved in letting an infection go untreated.

Are you taking sexually transmitted infections lightly? Please don’t. At first, they appear as harmless symptoms that may soon pass. However, lack of proper treatment can turn them into dangerous and even fatal diseases.

STD trichomoniasis test and other tests are available in Pentagon City. Walk into the clinic today and begin your journey towards a healthier sexual life.

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