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Important Things to Know About Syphilis STD

Important Things to Know About Syphilis STD

Syphilis is a bacterial disease transmitted through sexual contact. It is not possible to know whether you are infected unless you undergo a test. So, if you think you are infected, do not delay. Visit your nearest STD clinic and undergo a test. The doctor will then tell you whether you are infected. If you are, you can immediately take the treatment.

First sign of syphilis

One of the first signs and symptoms of syphilis, as per VA doctors, is chancres or sores. They can occur on the genital area. Although the sores heal on their own, you must take them seriously. The sores are healed does not mean the infection is healed. Sore is just a sign. The infection is still there.

According to doctors, syphilis bacteria can stay in your body for years. Signs and symptoms come and go; but the infection stays until you take the proper treatment to kill the bacteria.

Blood tests can reveal the presence of antibodies, which suggest that the body is fighting the infection. The tests can detect the infection even if you were infected a long time ago.

So, if you have been ignoring the symptoms for long, all is not lost yet. Visit your nearest STD clinic and take a test. In Arlington, syphilis and HIV tests are available. You can save yourselves from entering the last stage of syphilis, which is a horrible stage. It leads to permanent damage to various parts of the body.

Re-infection of syphilis

Many people wrongly believe that they cannot get syphilis again once they are treated. As per doctors, you can get this disease as many times as possible, if you are not careful the next time you have sex.

Having sex with an infected person can easily infect you. That’s why doctors insist in bringing your partner along for a test. What if he or she also has syphilis? Then it is useless for you to undergo a treatment. You will get syphilis again once you resume sexual activity with your partner.

Signs and symptoms of syphilis, according to VA doctors, are not visible in every patient. So, do not rely on them.

Doctors advise couples to visit the clinic together and undergo a test and, if needed, a treatment.

“That’s the best thing to do,” remarks one of the doctors at the VA STD clinic, “you can’t simply ask your partner to undergo a test when you yourself are not sure you are healthy or infected.”

Syphilis treatment

The recommended treatment of syphilis at all stages is penicillin antibiotic. Patients who have been infected for a few months may need a single dose of penicillin. Those who are infected for several years may need more doses.

Please do not self-medicate. No over-the-counter drug is effective in syphilis treatment. Only penicillin antibiotic is the cure for this STD.

The good news is that syphilis is a completely curable disease at any stage of the infection. However, at the last stage, the disease can damage any of your vital organ. Doctors cannot revive your organ, though they can still treat the infection at the last stage.

For example, a patient is in the last stage of syphilis and his brain is damaged due to the bacteria reaching the brain. The doctor can kill the syphilis bacteria through penicillin, but they cannot repair the brain damage.

Ladies and gentlemen, Arlington clinic offers syphilis and HIV tests, plus a series of other STD tests. Do not let a curable disease like syphilis damage your body. Visit the clinic today and undergo a test. Timely treatment can save your health and cure you completely.

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