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Experiencing These Syphilis Symptoms? Get Tested At Urgent Care Clinic Now

Experiencing These Syphilis Symptoms? Get Tested At Urgent Care Clinic Now

Syphilis is among the most common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in the US. This bacterial infection is usually spread though unprotected sexual contact – oral, vaginal or anal. Sometimes it can also be transmitted by sharing injecting needles. If a pregnant woman is infected, she can pass on the disease to the unborn child.

If you are a sexually active person who indulges in unprotected sex or if you have multiple sexual partners, you are at high risk of being infected with syphilis. Since this STD does not produce symptoms in most affected people, they can unknowingly pass on the disease to several others. This is why regular STD screening is essential.

You can easily walk in for Arlington syphilis and HIV screening at your nearest urgent care clinic. It takes just a few minutes and you will have a clear idea where you stand in terms of sexual health. Skipping STD tests fearing the outcome is not a smart choice since syphilis can cause long-term health issues and lead to irreversible damage to your nervous system, heart and brain.

Identifying the symptoms of syphilis

While most people affected by syphilis do not notice any symptoms at all, others may experience mild signs and symptoms of syphilis VA that are easy to ignore. So here is a look into some of the symptoms that appear at various stages of syphilis.

Early stage

After two to three weeks of being infected, the first symptoms may surface in some people. These include chancres that are painless sores that appear in the genital area. Even without treatment, chancres heal on their own in about two to eight weeks.

Later stage

Once the first signs and symptoms of syphilis VA have disappeared, an affected person may feel ill. The symptoms include throbbing headache, fever, swollen glands and weight loss. Some people may also have tiny skin growths that resemble genital warts in the genital area. Other symptoms include red rashes on different parts of the body, particularly on the soles of feet and palms of hands. These symptoms too vanish after a few weeks.

Advanced stage

Once a person has advanced to this stage, he/she can go on with life without exhibiting any symptoms even while being infected. This particular stage is referred to as ‘latent stage’ and may extend to decades. If the infection is still not diagnosed or treated, it can spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health complications.

Testing for syphilis

Urgent care clinics offer excellent facilities for STD screening. You can walk in at your convenient time without prior booking and request for syphilis testing. The testing procedure that involves a blood test takes minimal time. In case you have rashes or warts, the doctor at urgent care clinic may conduct a physical examination as well and collect swabs for further tests.

If your test results come back positive, get started on treatment right away. Also inform your sexual partner/s about the test result so that they too can get tested and seek treatment if necessary.

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