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Know Your Sexual Health in Easy And Quick Manner

Know Your Sexual Health in Easy And Quick Manner

STD testing is generally not included in your annual medical exam. So, even if you pass your exam reports with flying colors, you are still missing one important health aspect – your sexual health. You must request the doctor to include a STD test. But for that, you must know what test you need to undergo.

There are several STDs. How do you know what STD you have contracted? If you have had unprotected sex recently or maybe in the past, you may be infected without showing symptoms. Even if some STDs show symptoms, it can be confusing.

So what to do?

The best thing to do is walk in your nearest urgent care facility for STD testing. Talk to the doctor about your doubts. He or she will guide you correctly. These STD clinics are located centrally, which makes them easily accessible. They are relatively cheaper than hospital and operate all days of the week. This makes them convenient for your wallet and your schedule.

Testing takes only a few minutes

Many people wrongly think that STD testing is some cumbersome task. Some even think it is painful. The test is like any other test. You would be required to give urine or blood sample.

Only in a few cases you must give a swab sample.

In a reputable STD clinic, testing hardly takes more than 10 minutes. You need no prior appointment or a doctor’s prescription. This saves time and energy. You simply walk in and ask for a test.

In case you are not sure what test to undergo, you can talk to the doctor present in the clinic.

The best part

The best part is the flexibility to keep your identity confidential during testing and billing. This gives a huge relief, as STDs can be an embarrassing subject to talk about.

Quick testing

In Arlington, quick STD test facility is available at the nearby STD clinic all days of the week and on extended hours. Insurance is not mandatory. Testing and treatment is given on the same day.

What if you are negative?

If you are negative, then you need not worry about infections. However, doctors advise that you bring your partner along for a test. What if he or she is positive and you both don’t know?

What if you are positive?

If you are positive, the first thing to do is NOT to panic. Treatments are available for almost all STDs. Those that are incurable can be easily managed thanks to advanced therapies.

Again, you must insist your partner to undergo a test. What if you might have spread the infection to him or her?


An exclusive urgent care clinic for STD testing can make things easier for you and your partner. The clinic offers test and treatment. So you need not go elsewhere for treatment.

Sexual health is an important aspect of general wellbeing. STDs are notorious diseases that can spread from one generation to another, if not taken care of. Infected mothers can easily spread infection to their babies. So, be more responsible, aware, and proactive.

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