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syphilis blood test in Arlington VA

Why and When Should One Consider Syphilis Blood Test in Arlington VA

Humans are exposed to a wide spectrum of infections that are caused by a number of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, among others. Some of these infections can be extremely unhealthy and fatal if not treated in time. Challenges and risks of STDs If you are thinking that these embarrassing and serious diseases are sexually transmitted infections, you have hit the bull’s eye. Commonly mentioned as STDs, these infections are...

syphilis disease in Pentagon VA

The Resurgence of Syphilis – Now a Worrying Public Health Issue

Three decades back, in the 1990s to be precise, syphilis made a strong comeback in the United States after 40 years. No wonder it was deceiving doctors who had rarely seen a case. Many specialists got confused with sores in their patients, diagnosing them with abscesses, hemorrhoids, or cancers - when in fact it was syphilis. A young man with a painless sore on his genitals had presented himself to a doctor. The doctor...