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Let’s Get Out of the HIV Social Stigma, Shall We?

Let’s Get Out of the HIV Social Stigma, Shall We?

STDs are rampant across the world. The United States, alone, has millions of infected people with one or more than one infections. Many of them are unaware they are infected! This is because most STDs do not produce symptoms.

Even if they do, the symptoms are similar to common daily ailments and people think it’s just a mild illness that can go away after a simple treatment. This is the case with deadly infections like HIV too. Do you know the earliest sign of HIV is a harmless looking skin rash, which goes away with a simple skin treatment?

Now, if you are wondering how to get tested for HIV in Arlington, then here’s the answer: you just need to step inside your nearest STD clinic and ask for a test. No prior appointment is needed, nor do you need a doctor’s prescription.

The best part is that you can request the staff to keep your identity confidential. This saves you from any embarrassment.

You can also consult a doctor at the clinic without an appointment.

The clinic is easily accessible. It may take only 20-30 minutes of your time to ensure your sexual health.

What if you are HIV positive?

Knowing that you are HIV positive can be a shock and your world may come crashing down. But hey, let’s save ourselves from this drama because we are already stepping into 2023 and HIV can be managed well.

Gone are the days when being HIV positive was like living in hell. People were afraid to touch you or even come near to you. You were considered “dirty” or “immoral” or whatever bad adjective they might find about you.

Although HIV still carries a social stigma, things are improving. There are innumerable HIV patients living a quality life out there. They follow their doctor’s instructions and, most important, take their medication daily. You must not miss your medicine EVEN ONCE.

And yes, HIV positive people can have a good sex life. Once their viral load is suppressed, they are no longer infectious and can resume having sex.

It’s time to take HIV like any other infection and not create a drama around it or stigmatize the patient.

What about HSV?

HSV is similar to HIV in the sense that this, too, is an incurable disease. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) stays in your body forever, but the disease can be managed through appropriate treatment.

In Arlington, HSV1 and HSV2 tests and treatment are available at the nearest STD clinic.

This infection produces flu-like symptoms and that’s one of the reasons people overlook it. They think they have flu. They take flu treatment and get well after some time; but the virus continues to stay in the body, later producing complications.

Flu is accompanied with fever, rash, body ache, muscle ache, and sores. If it is genital herpes, you will get sores on your genital area. If it is oral herpes, you get sores on the mouth. You must not ignore these sores, as they are infectious and indicate that you have herpes.

In this case, visit your nearest clinic in Arlington for HSV1 and HSV2 tests. Testing is the only way to confirm about a sexually transmitted disease. Please refrain from having sex at this time.


Most STDs are curable and those that are not can be managed well through proper medical care. However, this can happen only when you pay attention to the first sign and consult a doctor immediately thereafter.

Know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington or to undergo other such tests and take your sexual health in your hands.

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